Iván Pol is a beauty pioneer and founder of The Beauty Sandwich. For over 15 years, Ivan has been sculpting and lifting the world’s most beautiful faces, including Salma Hayak, Kim Kardashian and Ana de Armas, with his innovative technique that fuses advanced radio frequency technology with an arsenal of high performance nutritional supplements. The result is a tailored, non-invasive solution to volume loss and wrinkle reduction. Ivan’s treatments don’t require any downtime and offer long-term benefits that last up to a year.

In 2022, Ivan took the proprietary skincare sauces he uses in his treatments and created a collection of products designed to nurture, sculpt and lift the skin and spirit from home. Each formula (pure extraction, new category. NOT SERUM or anything that exists on the market) feeds the face with all-natural, plant derivative ingredients that, in coordination with Ivan’s beauty mantas and rituals, serves as a delicious recipe that harnesses beauty from the inside out to achieve inner and outer glow.

Feed Your Skin's Cravings

The secret of our sauces lie in performance actives that nourish, replenish and balance, featuring a host of essential fatty acids, ceramides and phyto-cholesterols to repair and protect skin when it needs it most. The Beauty Sandwich proprietary Sealing Method, created by Holistic Skincare Specialist Annee De Mamiel, guarantees total absorption of our tasty treats, satiating your skin barrier layer by layer.

The Beauty Sandwich Difference

Feed your skin the most delicious, nutrient-dense recipes in the form of all natural, high performance products designed to lift, firm and radiate from the inside out. The Beauty Sandwich is an entirely new approach to skincare, beauty, aging and wellness by Iván Pol, founder of The Beauty Sandwich - the famous, waitlist-only treatment that sculpts the most beautiful faces in the world. 

Now, using the same proprietary technology and ethically sourced ingredients found in his signature treatments, Ivan has developed an arsenal of beauty sauces that will transform your skin and spirit from the inside out. Each perfectly balanced potion is formulated with 100% natural, organic and sustainable ingredients hand blended by holistic skincare specialist, Annee De Mamiel. Featuring the most luxurious, ethically sourced oils, our sauces are not traditional serums, oils or moisturizers, but totally bespoke, one-of-a-kind formulas that mimic the skin’s natural actions with an equal ratio of essential fatty acids, ceramides and phyto-cholesterols. The result is tightening, repair and protection, exactly when and where the skin needs it most.